If we only have one thing to be thankful for in our lives,  it’s that chips exist and are vegan.

The humble chip. The only chip-related cruelty I can think of is the sadness you will feel when you look at your plate and realise I have eaten all your chips.

Here are some of the best chip shops in London

Come Fry With Me


A lovely place only serving chips. You can choose from skinny, gastro or skin-on fries, and all orders are triple-cooked. This may blow your mind, but you add toppings to your chips. But take heed, vegan friend – they don’t offer many cruelty free items. I’d go with marmite if you’re feeling freaky, but tbh I think we all know chips and ketchup are the winning combo. Go to Covent Garden and carb-load today.

Hot Chip

hot chip.jpg

Another place that knows it’s all about that chip, no treble. With each portion costing your calorific intake just 480 cals, are you even eating chips?? Hot Chip, based in Brixton, cooks the fries in rapeseed oil which is a naturally healthier oil than most. Like Come Fry With Me, Hot Chip offer a range of gastro toppings. My personal favourite is the Bruchetta inspired topping – all garlicy and lovely.



If you can honestly look me in the eye and tell me McDonald’s chips are not the best damn chips in the world then draw me a map and show me where to find them. I live very close to a Maccies, and during some of my lower vegan moments (i.e. when I want to scream in frustration because everything accessible and nice also happens to hurt a chicken), I think ah yes, McDonald’s. I pop in and get some large chips and I remember there is goodness in the world after all.

Hope that’s made you hungry for chips!














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