It’s Friday and I want you to picture a nice, big glass of wine.


When you think of wine you usually picture some smooshed up grapes fermenting in barrels.

Then you have a lovely sip which puts the world to rights.

But…in reality you are sipping from the bladder of a fish!


That’s right: fish bladder protein, crushed crustacean shells, gelatin, egg whites and milk protein are all used in the winemaking process.

Wine has proven itself to be cruel after all :(.

So welcome to your new wine-free life. You are now both vegan and beer-only drinker.


Hehe. Just kidding.

Some special, clever vegans have found a solution. Take winemakers at the Frey Vineyards in Mendocino County, California, for example. They have always made wine the vegan way.

Founded in 1980, it’s the oldest winery in the US.

But does it taste like wine? I can be sceptical of so-called vegan alternatives: I once had shop bought vegan pesto and it was horrible.

Apparently the animal products used in wine don’t actually make a real difference to taste. Factors like the ripeness of the fruit at harvest, choice of yeast, contact with grape skins during fermentation and exposure to oxygen and oak have more effect on flavour.

Here are a list of vegan wines that are available to buy in the UK, all under 16 quid.

Imbuko Releaf

Imbuko-Releaf-Cabernet-Vegan-Organic-Wine-500x736 (1)

Only £9.82, a rich and powerful spiced wine.

La Jara Pinot Grigio Spumante Rose


Elegant and fresh, and only £13.78

Paxton Guesser Red


Vibrant and earthy, and £13.20

Paxton AAA


£15,12, medium bodied with great depth.

Happy drinking! 






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