We should be like Portugal

All new vegans will probably be mourning the loss of Nandos from their lives. That peri-peri lemon and herb…


The Portuguese chain restaurant is a cruel mistress and kills all our lovely feathery friends.


But there is great news for Portugal, a newly instated vegan-friendly country. Portuguese parliament has approved a new law that compels all public canteens to provide a vegan option on their menus within the next 6 months. It’s one of the first countries to make such vegan-friendly step in the public catering sector.

Great news for when you ever find yourself in a Portuguese school, university, hospital or…prison.

The Vegan Society’s Dietitian Heather Russell says the UK should follow suit: “Our campaigning work aims to achieve just what the Portuguese law has – to ensure that nutritious vegan food is always readily available. I am working with health professionals and caterers to make this a reality”.

Keep going Heather you vegan queen!

vgan love


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