St Patrick’s day not the same without Guinness? Here are some alternatives

St Patrick’s day is not an easy time for vegans.
Like many beers and wines, Guinness is filtered through fish bladders – so is strictly off-limits for all conscientious vegans.

In 2015 Guinness announced they were going vegan – but they haven’t yet made good on that promise.

Guinness for strength
But that doesn’t mean you have to spend the day of the shamrock completely sober.
Here’s a list of vegan stouts to look out for – helpfully compiled by Animal Aid.
Cask stouts

• Ginger Stout, Angel Ales, West Midlands
• Breakfast Stout, Arbor Ales, Bristol
• Descent Into Madness Winter Stout, Bad Seed Brewery, North Yorkshire
• Idle Bo Stout, Bartleby’s Brewery, East Sussex
• Subwoofer Stout, Baseline Brewing, West Sussex
• Blackjack Stout, Blackjack Beers, Manchester
• Spiral Stout, Boudicca Brewing, Norfolk.
• Sump Oil Stout, Brew Shack, Dorset
• Windrush Stout, Brixton Brewery, London
• Dandy Stout, Earth Ale Brewery, London
• Quadrant Oatmeal Stout, East London Brewing, London
• Oatmeal Stout, Fourpure Brewing, London
• Treason Stout, Great Heck Brewing, North Yorkshire
• Entire Stout, Hop Back Brewery, Wiltshire
• Utopian Stout, Lacada Brewery, County Antrim
• London Stout, Meantime Brewing, London
• Moor Stout, Moor Beer Company, Bristol

• Super Deluxe Stout, New Bristol Brewery, Bristol
• Outstanding Stout, Outstanding Brewing, Lancashire
• Foreign Export Stout, Partizan Brewing, London
• Dance First Stout, Pig & Porter Brewing, Kent
• Shoreditch Stout, Pitfield Brewery, Essex
• 1792 Imperial Chocolate Stout, Pitfield Brewery, Essex
• Hoxton Stout, Redchurch Brewery, London
• Old Ford Export Stout, Redchurch Brewery, London
• Kofra Stout, Redwell Brewery, Norfolk
• Extra Stout, Samuel Smith’s Old Brewery, North Yorkshire
• Chopper Stout, Six Degrees North, Aberdeenshire

• Sweetheart Stout, Tennent Caledonian Breweries, Glasgow
• Old Rasputin Stout, Tollgate Brewery, Derbyshire
• God’s Twisted Sister Stout, Twisted Barrel Ale, West Midlands
• Decadence Stout, Weird Beard Brewing, London

Here’s a link to the Animal Action page, which has some more helpful tips on enjoying a vegan paddy’s day.


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