The Vegan Guide to Desert Island Survival! Part 1.

When you’re Vegan you may hear the same old carnivore-apologist humdrum claptrap of a question, “Well Vegan – how can you survive on a desert island if you’re Vegan, huh? HUH?!”

Well Daily Mail crazy meat-eaters of the world, instead of reminding you of the usual logical confusion you’ve succumbed to:

“What this argument also fails to acknowledge is the difference between killing as matter of pure necessity and killing as matter of convenience or pleasure, which are by no means morally equivalent. Killing as matter of survival (as only a small handful of subsistence hunters do) is a vastly different thing from killing for the sake of sensory pleasure or out of convenience”

I’m gonna tackle this question head-on in a series about how to survive on a desert island in a new series of blog posts – “The Vegan guide to desert island survival”!

Coming up in Part 2… Coconuts are key!


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