Video: 6 celebrity vegans, in their own words

Hear what these famous vegans have to say about their diets

Miley Cyrus

The ex-Disney star offered one of the more bizarre explanations for turning vegan to a bemused Jimmy Fallon two years ago. As far as we know she’s still a practising vegan.

Simon Amstell

According to the comedian who’s been making waves with his vegan documentary Carnage, ‘if we don’t stop eating animals, it’s going to get awkward.’

Ben Stiller

The Meet the Fockers star is a self-professed ‘miserable’ vegan. He told Conan O’Brien that he wasn’t so impressed with the meat substitutes on the market.

Evanna Lynch (aka Luna Lovegood)

She teamed up with Peta last month to ‘veganise’ her favourite Hogwarts recipes.

Jennifer Lopez

Her switch to plant based food started off with the Vegan 22 plan. Skip to min to 1 min 39 to hear J-Lo talking about her diet with Ryan Seacrest.

Lea Michelle

The ex-Glee actress is a keen animal right’s advocate and vegan. Here’s a promo video she did for animal right’s charity PETA in 2010. Go to 1.45 for her thoughts on going vegan.


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