10 Countries where Meat Diet is on the Decline

Denmark: Around 20% of the Danish population have stayed meat-free since 2015.

New Zealand: New Zealanders’ common reasons for staying meat-free include; avoiding cruelty to animals, eliminating risks from meat-borne diseases and protecting the environment.

Spain: Spain is now one of the leading vegan-friendly countries.  In the last two years, the country has doubled  its  share of vegan restaurants.

United Kingdom: At home in the UK, veganism is acquiring a new trend among people in their teens and those in their twenties.

USA: Unlike the UK, the adult population in the US is where the practice of plant-based diet is strongest.  The country is also witnessing a rapid growth in the number of vegan start-ups unlike China where the population is taking to meat-eating.

Sweden: Like Britain, Swedish youths are in the forefront of the vegan practice.

Israel: More than a quarter of a million Isrealis are now vegans.  The country likes to pride itself as the vegan capital of the world.

India: Readers would be interested to know that the killing of animals for consumption has been outlawed in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Germany: Germany boasts more than seven million vegetarian population.  Restaurants like Veganz are also pursuing ambitious goals to boost vegan presence by opening up more branches.  By 2020, the number of vegan restaurants owned by Veganz is expected to soar.

Canada: The old dairy habit is changing and is being replaced by a more vegan-friendly one.  There is ample evidence that soy milk and almond milk are now replacing dairy milk.

The table shows growing trends in the ten countries:

Country No of Vegans and Vegetarians combined Year Percentage of Vegan Diet
Denmark 220,000 2011
New Zealand 106,000 2016
Spain 1,788,000 2012 0.8%
UK 7,752,000 2014 1.05%
Sweden 970,000 2014 4%
Israel 1,046,000 2015 5%
India 360,576,000 2014
Germany 7,000,000 2011 1.0%
Canada 12,000,000 2015 Note: 12m are vegans
USA 8,000,000 2016 1.5%

Sources: http://en.m.wikipedia.org



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